The lonely sound of a train whistle…

I love my life. I love traveling and teaching English. I’ve met some amazing people. I’ve been able to travel and see some extraordinary places. And every time I hear a train whistle, I try to imagine where its headed, and whose on it.


There are times, like the train whistle, I feel lonely. Everyone does at some point. You can be in a crowd of people and feel lonely. And in fact, that’s when I feel the loneliest.


Its not a sadness that I feel, its just a lonely feeling. I miss my family every single day (I have pictures everywhere in my place to see them every day), and I miss my friends.

So how do I cope with those feelings? If I’m at home, I write.  I write about whatever I’m thinking about, memories (good and bad), old loves, places I’ve been.


If I’m out, I try to find a place to sit down. I soak up the sounds and smells, close my eyes (but hold tightly to my bag!), and meditate for a few minutes. People have the misconception that meditation is something that has to be done in a quiet place. Not true, at least not for me. It brings me peace, and makes me feel better. It only takes about 5 minutes and I feel much better.


Walking always helps too.  But feeling lonely isn’t a bad thing. It makes me appreciate everything I have in my life.
So next time you hear a train whistle – close your eyes and maybe dream a little that its you are on that train heading somewhere fascinating – and smile at those thoughts.

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