Rock star life in China!!

I live about a 10 minute walk away from my school that I teach at, and in my area live most, if not all, of the kids I’m teaching. It makes it interesting to go out for walks.

At school, I’m either called Lulu or Louisa (or Lupizza – my own fault – the first week of teaching I taught grade 2 classes that my name Louisa rhymed with pizza..). I feel like a rock star – I walk down the halls and they all want to come and touch me, or try to talk with their limited English. Its fun but tiring some days.

Lunch time is usually at a table with a lot of kids – the younger ones just wave, but the grade 4 students are actually in my face while I’m eating. I’ve found a quiet table to eat at now!

The most fun is when I see them outside of school. They are quite shy and their parents want them to say hi to me. I will say hi first to make them more at ease. But it’s so much fun when they run up to me outside and yell Louisa Louisa!!  The parents now recognize me too, so I always have people saying hello – I am no longer stared at in my area and I feel so welcome!

I seriously feel like a rock star, and all my “fans” adore me!! ❤


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