My first three months.

I have been in China for three months now, and while I am enjoying my time here, there are times that I am frustrated.

The people here do not seem to understand the concept of letting me know in advance of changes (as I walk into class, oh we forgot to tell you we changed the time). It was a frustrating week for that. Just minor annoyances but sometimes it gets frustrating.

Another thing that I thought I was getting used to were the stares. In my area they wll know me so it doesn’t happen anymore. But today, while I was out, a man looked at me then turned to someone, pointed at me and said something that they both laughed at. I do not like being laughed at in my own language ~ I was not amused.

So I have learned to be stronger and to be more adaptable (and to just stay in my area haha). I have discovered a patience that I never knew I had.

On the plus side, the kids 🙂 I have quite the artist in one of my grade 1 classes. She’s pretty amazing!!

Until next week…keep on smiling 🙂

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