I chat, you chat, WeChat

When I arrived in China, I was set up with a WeChat app, similar, I thought, to Facebook messenger and WhatsApp. How wrong I was!!

This app is simply the best app I have ever used. 

It’s used to chat of course but there are so many other things it does. You can post pictures, share videos, and have group chats too.

You can also search for videos, articles, and books (in English!)

But the best thing about this app is the wallet. You can have money deposited into your WeChat wallet by simply pressing a couple of buttons. You can go to almost any retailer, scan their QR code and pay. 

I cannot believe it took me this long to discover this ~ this is an amazing feature. Buy train tickets, flights, your groceries ~ all with your phone.

Sometimes technology is frustrating, sometimes its amazing!!  Maybe there are apps in other countries that do this too, but this really is such a cool feature. Makes shopping online easier too!

So for anyone visiting or moving to China, be sure to download this app!!

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