Tips for moving to northeast China

I have lived here for 4 months now and have started making a list of tips. Here is the first set of tips.

1. Pedestrian rules ~ there are none. The pedestrian has no rights, even at a crosswalk. So when you see a break in traffic, do not be afraid and just GO. You will end up in the middle of traffic but you won’t be alone. So take the risk and go!

2. Punctuality ~ again there doesn’t seem to be rules about this. Of course it is always better to be punctual or, for me, early. You will end up waiting regardless. There is no sense of urgency here, except of course if you are in a car. 

3. The weather ~ the summer here is hot and humid, the winter is cold. But there is not a very long autumn season. When the Chinese people tell you to be prepared for the cold because it comes quickly, listen to them! They are NOT kidding. The cold comes fast and furious. 

4. Smog ~ if you have lung issues or severe asthma, don’t even consider moving to this part of China. It is not good for the lungs. And I have discovered that it is worse in the winter months. 

5. Food ~ aww the food. It is delicious, and there is a wide variety to choose from. But, if you have a food allergy of any kind, do some research before booking that ticket. Anyone with celiac disease will not have it easy. 
I will add more tips but this is a good starting point. China is an amazing place to be, just remember to keep an open mind and watch out for the cars!!

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