A foggy romantic day

The beauty and mystery of a foggy day brings a sense of romance to mind. Oh how I wish this was a foggy day.

But it is definitely not fog. Yes this is smog. The pollution here is something I have never witnessed before. Its overpowering and well disgusting. I understand now why so many Chinese people wear masks, and I am getting one. I have to carry an inhaler with me now just to keep my lungs as clear as possible.

It amazes me that even with this amount of pollution, people here still smoke as much as they do. They must think well the pollution is destroying my lungs anyway so why not.

I have come to understand the Chinese ways, the spitting, the sniffing ~ it doesn’t bother me anymore because, I am ashamed to admit, I do it too. It can’t be helped.

Oh how I miss the big blue skies of Alberta on days like today. 

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