​Internal battles ~ fighting the urge to conform

China ~ a big country with so much culture and history, it’s hard to wrap your head around it all.  Places you “should” see, things you “should” try.

Perhaps some of us don’t want to see the regular tourist destinations. “But won’t you be disappointed if you don’t see them?”  Maybe, but that is a choice some of us make.

Xi’an, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu ~ these are some of the most famous places to visit in China. And I have no desire to see any of them. Some may be shocked that I don’t want to see Beijing ~ the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and the Great wall. One does not need to go to Beijing to see the Great Wall. Since I  am in northern China, it is possible to see the end of the Great wall here. And if I decide to see it, that is where I will go.

China is a country for me to work, to live, to explore the northern part and to immerse myself in. Big crowds are stressful (and some might be thinking, then why on earth did you go to China?).   I came to China to experience living in China.

Seeing all of the sites is not necessary to truly experience a country, any country.  Seeing the every day life of the native people, shopping with the locals; that, to me, is the best way to experience a new country.

So, no, I will not conform!  I resist the urge to be like everyone else. And I am okay with that!

8 thoughts on “​Internal battles ~ fighting the urge to conform

  1. Mel & Suan

    Heheh, when mel lived in China for 4 years, he sucumbed to getting around China. Well part of that is work related, but mostly it was also because of the diversity of the continental sized country. Honestly, 15 years after leaving China the only regret was not to have seen more of it!

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  2. Dr B

    Firstly, thank you for following my own blog. We are retired, travel lots, but not to work. We sightsee lots and lots: Last year Paris/Louvre, Bruges/Tyne Cot Cemetery, Rome/Forum, Beaune/Wine villages, Malaga/Picasso Museum, Madrid/The Prado, Prague/The Slav Epic, Budapest/Parliament, ……………. All from a pre studied guide book. Would my friends call us conformists? Hell no! At 70 years of age and after 45 years of marriage I don’t think we conform to any templates at all. But I think the reason for that is NOT to do with visiting a particular place at all; for example sitting in the sunshine in the Forum in Rome we read a few parts of Livy, History of Rome, in Madrid we researched El Bosco before visiting the unique exhibition in The Prado, in Budapest we asked people about the Hungarian Uprising/Revolution before visiting parliament. These are all enriching experiences and …….. seeing what WE want to see.

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      1. Dr B

        Thank you, I guess we’re just both different non conformists! Our travels are on hold at the moment but upcoming we have 3 weeks rail trans America, 4 weeks in Burgundy, a week in Florence, another week in Budapest plus …. visiting all the historical tourist attractions in England we’ve missed.

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  3. _tripstravel

    I agree with you in some ways, and not in other ways. I think because you are living in the country, you have the opportunity to experience China in a more “local living” kind of way. For those people (like myself) who travel to different places for a few weeks at a time, getting to visit those “should see” places is important. So I think it’s all about perspective and how much time & opportunity is available to you. Great post! Hope to see you soon 🙂

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