Laugh Love Smile

Life is a journey, and that journey is not always sunshine and roses. There are daily struggles we all deal with, no matter where we are.

Laughter ~ despite having bad days, whenever you hear the sound of a child’s laugh, your day can be brightened in an instant. Miscommunication because of language barriers are a common thing when traveling and living abroad, and that’s why I always walk through the park near my home so that I can hear a child’s laugh to cheer me up.

Love with all your heart. It doesn’t matter if it’s not given back. The more love you spread, the better the world becomes.  There was an English Festival at the school this week, and there is one young boy in Grade 2 who always holds my hand and hugs me whenever he sees me. He came into the room I was in, and sat beside me. He held my hand, and looked at me and said I love you Louisa. I love this job just for those moments. I know my life is better because of these kids.

Every day, we need to smile, even if we don’t feel like it. It makes us feel better and makes the person receiving it feel better.  Not every day is perfect as a TEFL teacher living abroad, but its infinitely better than sitting at a desk for years.

Laugh, love and smile ~ life is too short not to remember these three simple words!

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