​More adventures in food…

I will miss some things about China ~ the children, the teaching and the FOOD!!  Today I ventured over to a new restaurant that opened close to me. I presumed, correctly, that the owners were parents of one of the kids I taught and I was right! Two of my favourite Grade 1 students!  

It was a new style of restaurant for me.  You have a “buffet” where you can add whatever you want in a bowl. You then take it to the counter, they weigh it, cook it in hot water and serve it with a side of rice (good thing I love rice haha).

I made the choices of tofu, glass noodles, mushrooms, mystery meat (it looked like bacon), corn, crab meat and some greens (it was a mixture of unknown greens). It was delicious!!!  They added some peanuts to it after it was cooked.  All of this for the equivalent of $2 Canadian!

I have broken through the fear of the unknown food and I am really enjoying discovering new food!! Now if only I could get used to the loud eating..

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