I have now lived in two foreign countries and I have learned to adapt to customs in both places.
One custom, or perhaps better to say is lack of a law, I have had to get used to is smoking.  Everywhere. I know not every country has a law about not smoking in a restaurant but I think there should be an international law about this!
It’s disgusting sitting in a restaurant and having to inhale second hand smoke while also eating my meal. And I write this as I am doing just that!  Dumplings and smoke are not the greatest combination. 
I was a smoker, and I try not to be one of those former smokers who condemn smoking. To each their own. It’s your lungs you are damaging. But I really don’t want my food tasting like smoke.
I am learning to adapt and be more accepting but this is one thing I find very hard to get used to!
And I have already checked ~ Santiago will be a good place to be!

2 thoughts on “Adapting

  1. RyanC

    100% agree with this – in South East Asia and China, a lot of places allow for smoking in restaurants which really impacts the experience!
    So hard to breathe let alone eat or hold a conversation.

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