​Traveling with IBS

I have IBS. I have suffered with this for my entire adult life. As the pressures of being an adult became more stressful, the IBS got worse.

I have learned to deal with it. I meditate, which helps reduce the stress.  I exercise, although not nearly enough.  (Now that school is done, I will be better at getting out and walking!)  And I try to be very careful with what I eat.  Stress is the biggest factor in IBS sufferers, but food can exacerbate it too.

Traveling has been challenging. I always have medicine with me to help alleviate any pains or symptoms.  I have grown accustomed to asking how spicy the food is (bu la in Chinese means no spice ~ the second thing I learned after hello!).

I would love to be even more adventurous with food but it terrifies me that I will be out, try something new and right away it affects my IBS. This has happened in the past and it is very upsetting and unnerving.

I have become more open about this condition as I don’t want to offend anyone by saying I can’t eat that or go out.   I want all IBS sufferers to know that it is possible to travel, you just have to be careful with what you consume. Remember ~ ginger ia your friend!

In the meantime, I cautiously try new food everywhere I go. I am as adventurous as my body allows me!

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