One week ago….

It is hard to believe that it has been one week since I left China.  According to my body clock anyway – it was last Thursday evening that had me flying to Tianjin on my first stopover of a very long journey to Santiago!  It seems like a lifetime ago.


Andy, giving the peace sign


One week ago, I was a “superstar” in my neighbourhood – shouts of “Louisa!” were music to my ears because I knew young kids would be running up to me and giving me a hug.  I miss that.  I miss seeing Andy, who was always so willing to hug me and tell me he loved me.  I miss Leo, who would playfully poke me in the leg, arm or belly, just to make me run after him.  I miss Shirley, who would want to show me how well she was doing with her dance lessons (and stretch her leg way up over her head – oh to be young and agile again!).  I miss Lucy, the shy young girl who would barely talk to me when I first met her and who I discovered knew so much English, we could talk for almost an hour in English.  I miss Judy, who despite only being in the second grade, could easily have been in grade 4 or 5, so advanced was her English.  I miss the kids a lot.


A Brazilian couple I met


However, I am now in a country where I fit in.  I may not look Spanish, but I blend in a lot more here.  I don’t get the stares that I did in China.  I don’t get pointed at and laughed at (at least that’s what I presume they were doing – what exactly were they laughing at anyway?  I never wanted to know).  I can walk down the streets of Santiago and not feel self-conscious that I am “fat” and will be told that.  I am aware of my weight, and didn’t like being told that by any of the Chinese.  It’s nice to be blending in and not a strange sight for people to see.  Of course, they haven’t yet seen my colourful tights – I may get stared at then lol.


Barrio Italia

I am enjoying Santiago very much.  For me, it’s a walking city.  I have walked for hours all over the city.  Barrio Lastarria, Barrio Bellavista, Providencia, Barrio Italia – so many areas to see all with their own unique qualities.  Would I want to live here?  No.  It’s a city I would definitely come and see again, if, God willing, I am granted that privilege.  I don’t feel enough of a connection though to want to live here.  Perhaps I haven’t seen enough of the city.  It’s possible there is an area I would like to live in.  For now, I am enjoying the wondrous beauty of this city that lies at the foot of the Andes.  I am enjoying the food.  Completo hot dogs with a bebida.  Empanadas.  Pastries (that’s something I need to STOP enjoying haha).


Completo Hot Dog and lemon soda


On Saturday I head to my next destination in South America – Valparaiso!  I am looking forward to being near the ocean, and to explore a new city!  In the meantime, I have one more full day in Santiago and will make the most of it!!

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      1. Travel the world with Duey Post author

        Thanks. I was originally planning on being here until just before Christmas. It’s okay though – it’s time for me to be back in Canada for a while. I’ve been gone for three years, with only a few weeks back there last summer. An extended visit is needed 🙂

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