I arrived in Valparaiso on Saturday afternoon, after taking Turbus from Santiago (shout out to the bus line – most comfortable bus I’ve been on, double decker, was on the top at the front – very cool!).  We pulled in, and after some conversations with numerous people, I found a cab and made my way to my hostel.  Wonderful hostel on one of many very steep streets in Valparaiso!!


La Casa Bicicleta


After an exciting afternoon (more of that to come at a later date), I settled in for the night in a comfy soft bed, and fell asleep to the barking stray dogs – who also, incidentally, woke me up in the middle of the night.  I understand that they are strays, but why do they need to bark all night????  They are very sad to see too – I saw stray dogs in China but these dogs just seem sadder.  It’s part of the uniqueness of Valparaiso – this city with a sad history.


Flower clock



the Pacific Ocean



It was cold but I don’t care!!


Sunday was spent enjoying the beach and the ocean in nearby Vina del Mar – it did not disappoint.  The sound of the waves crashing on to the beach, the children laughing and jumping over the waves, it was such a serene moment.  I even took my shoes off and put my feet in the ocean (two oceans now and all 5 great lakes in Canada – working on more bodies of water!!).   I enjoyed my lunch sitting in a small cafe by the ocean, enjoying an empanada.  Ceviche is calling out to me though – I will be having some soon!!!


One of the many murals in the city – amazing!!

Today, I took a free city tour here in Valparaiso, and discovered so much history of this city.  I am starting to read more about it – the tour piqued my interest!!  The sites to see here are so many, and the accents are delightful to listen to.  I have even mastered some more Spanish!!  It is much easier to learn Spanish then Mandarin, that’s for sure!!!


I am here for the whole week before I head to my next city.  I have met several people already on this journey, and one thing continues to strike me as odd.  I am the type of traveller who wants to envelop myself within a city, to see how the people live and thrive.  I will never understand the other type of travellers, who rush from one city or country to another, trying to see all the famous sites, and then head out to the next.  How can you honestly learn about a city or country if you don’t take the time to delve more into a place?  I would like to go back to Santiago at some point – I feel there is so much more for me to see there.  Valparaiso will be good for the week – I already have such a good feel to this city.



I am so excited to continue on through Chile and see everything there is!!  And take my time – I am in no rush.



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