Observations of Chile

I have now been in Chile for two and a half weeks (seems like it’s been a lot longer!), and there are many things I have discovered about this beautiful country I am visiting.



One is the stray dog situation.  Every city, town and village has them.  I don’t really understand this but these dogs are not starving by any means.  The people feed them, leave out water for them, and pet them when the dogs come up to them.  The dogs are not vicious by any means, at least not to people.  However, these dogs bark ALL THE TIME.  Constantly. Day and night.  I understand that this is the way they communicate with each other, but man it’s annoying at night.


The food here is out of this world.  While I do miss the food in China (dumplings, noodles… I need to find a Chinese restaurant!), I just cannot get enough of the food here.  Empanadas, churrascos, posteles, and their own soda, BIlz (I am sadly becoming addicted to this – it’s like cherry soda – not cherry coke!).  Cheese is quite expensive so I only have things with cheese while I am out.  The soups are delicious, the “carne” is amazing – it’s time for me to get back into cooking I think.  Food is life!!!


The amazing scenery here.  I am writing this blog today, sitting on my terrace in La Serena, watching the Pacific in front of me, and the Andes are behind me.  Sadly, this is my last full day in La Serena.  I really enjoyed Santiago, loved Valparaiso, but I think my heart is here in La Serena.  I don’t know how anything will top this city, but I am excited to find out!!  Tomorrow night, I head for Antofagasta, and the desert, and ocean.  I can’t wait.


I love Chile!!!!


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