My hometown – adjusting to life back in Canada

I have now been back in Canada, and my hometown, since Wednesday evening.  It has been good to be back – it’s been over a year since I have been here.  It’s been good to see some of my family (haven’t been able to see everyone yet but I am working on it), and I know in the next month I will see the rest.  Getting used to living in a 2 bedroom apartment with my parents, temporarily until I find my own place, has been good.  It feels good to be back and being with them and being able to help out with them.


But the biggest thing for me is being back in a country where people understand me and I don’t get odd looks when I try to explain myself.  It is nice to be understood.  And not be stared at.  And laughed at for butchering the language of the country (although there are times when I have trouble with the English language haha).


My next couple of years will most likely be spent here in the Niagara region of Ontario and I have already been looking for jobs.  So far, the adjustment is going okay.  But I miss the ocean.  I miss the amazing scenery that has been my life the past three years.  It will probably feel like homesickness in reverse in a few weeks and I know it will be tough.  It is something I am prepared for.  I have been extremely lucky these past three years – luckier than a lot of people – but I am ready to settle down here and be close to my children again.


Life will go on here, adjustments made, a new life to start, with small trips planned here and there, and my blogging will continue.  It will take on a new path (my blogging) and I hope everyone will continue to enjoy my blogs, as much as I enjoy writing them.  And I am so thrilled to see that I now have 200 followers here!  Amazing!!  Thanks to all who have read and I hope continue to read.




3 thoughts on “My hometown – adjusting to life back in Canada

  1. HogriderDookes

    Travelling is great, it broadens ones mind…home is, well, it’s home and that’s something else.
    Some years back I spent some time working in Toronto and fell totally in love with Canada…if only I had gone there twenty years earlier, I would have stayed. You live in what I feel is one of the greatest countries on earth, where people mix freely and get along; I liked that a lot whilst I was there.
    Enjoy your time back home and remember that the next adventure is only an airline or railway ticket away!
    Keep up the blogging, I’m looking forward to more great stories from the back catalogue.

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  2. Mel & Suan

    We did the same – but for almost 8 years. 4+ in China and 3+ in Holland. But it’s great to be home. One never looked at home the same way without leaving it for long time! We are sure you will have many nuggets of travel fun in the future. Enjoy your own country/home. There is so much to see and do!

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  3. menerokasite

    Good luck settling back in! It can be tough adjusting after a long period of travel, but I definitely think travel is a state of mind and you can keep it once you’ve returned home!

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