A little girl with a doll made me cry…

This past Christmas day, I did something I have never done before – I volunteered at my church to serve Christmas dinner to the less fortunate in my hometown.  It was definitely the most heartwarming day I have had in a very long time.


I signed up to volunteer over a month before Christmas, and I had thought I would be helping with serving the dinner.  Instead, when the orientation came up for it, I was assigned the gift table with another woman.  I really wasn’t sure what was expected of me but I was excited to volunteer and be part of my community on Christmas Day.


I arrived to the church with seeing a big line up of people waiting to come in and be served Christmas dinner.  I arrived at the gift table and the other lady and I started organizing the gifts into women’s, men’s and children.  I had my dinner there and then we proceeded to hand out the gifts.


Everyone was very appreciative of the gifts we gave – some were hygiene items with something extra in them, the kids received toys, there were scarves and various items.  Well, this one little girl was there with her mother, and she was very quietly playing with her doll she brought.  I was talking to everyone to make sure they were enjoying their meal and day, so I went over and had a chat with this little girl and her mom.  She very excitedly told me her name and her doll’s name.  She was very sweet and her mother looked so happy that I had taken the time to come and say hello.


Well, the gift she received was another doll from the church donations, and her mom had received a lovely gift of bath oils and lotions.  They were very happy and made sure to stop me to thank me numerous times.  We had excess gifts (due to the very generous nature of companies here), so we were handing out extra gifts.  I saw two matching scarves so I took them over to the mom and daughter.  The little girl’s eyes lit up and put it around her neck right away.  She hugged her mom and said that we have matching scarves now!  She then looked at me and said thank you – this is the best Christmas ever!  Her mom looked at me with tears in her eyes and said thank you so much – and we will definitely be back next year.  You made my daughter’s day with so much attention and the generosity of everyone.


I turned away and tears ran down my face, and my heart grew.   It was the most rewarding Christmas day ever for me, to be able to make one little girl so happy with such a simple thing as a scarf and a doll.  This is what Christmas is about – having the ability to make a little girl happy with a doll and a scarf.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day !!

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