Bringing joy to life

Bringing joy to life – what things come to mind when you think of this?  Children?  Being with friends?  Inspiring others?  So many different things bring me joy, from people to things to sights to see.


I love where I work, and I love the people I work with.  They inspire me – the ones in chronic pain who continue to come in every day and do their job.  The ones who have worked for years at the job and still enjoy it.  I am so lucky to have this job and to work with these people.  They all inspire me in so many different ways – even the young ones who come in.  They all have such interesting stories about what they are doing with their future.

Today 010Today 011

The sun shining inspires me to go out walking and exploring.  It brings me joy and peace to feel the sun warming my skin as I wander through my hometown, and through foreign cities around the world.  I cannot understand how anyone can be sad when the sun in shining – even during the cold winter.

Today 002.JPG

The smell of fresh bread baking inspires me to come home and bake something decadent.  The aroma of food cooking brings great joy – one of my favourite ways to relax is to cook and bake.  And I also enjoy cooking for family and friends – I love sharing my food to make them happy.


Of course, one of my greatest joys are the sights I see – even just walking through the park near me.  I love travelling and my travelling will not end.  I have many places that I want to see – but I also enjoy seeing the sights of my hometown, discovering new things.


It is not difficult to find beauty and joy in your life – you simply need to open your eyes and heart and look around.  Every day is beautiful in its own unique way.  Embrace it!

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