Finding a reason to smile..

I am a very positive person, as I have said here many times before.  I try to find the good in everything around me.  And there is always something good in every single day, even if it’s just waking up !  At least you woke up!


But I have discovered in the past few weeks sometimes it’s difficult to find a good thing every day.


My father has been, and is still, in the hospital after suffering a heart attack in early April.  It is a long recovery for someone in their 80’s who have had heart surgery.   And yes, it is terrible to have gone through that and it’s sad and depressing to be in a hospital.


Sitting in the waiting room of the ICU department to go and visit him was very heart wrenching and yet also quite enlightening.  I, and my family, are extremely lucky that my father had a successful surgery and that he is on his way to getting home through rehab.  But there were other families and even just single people sitting in there, quietly crying because of the circumstances of their loved ones.  There was one day, however, that brought a joyous little girl who had no idea what was going on, that lit up the faces of even the saddest people in the ICU.  This sweet little girl was skipping through the room, singing songs and talking to everyone she came across.  She had the sweetest laugh and the innocence of youth brought some joy to everyone in that room that day.


For me, that was such a positive experience on a dismal day.  Even in such a negative, sad place you can find a positive thing about the day.  That little girl brought smiles and laughter to so many people who otherwise would not have had any reason to smile.


Try to find something today that makes you smile.   It’s easier than you think!



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