How the world is changing… Earth Day 2020

I just finished watching a fascinating, albeit somewhat frightening, documentary on PBS about climate change. What startled me the most were the images of the world where trees had been destroyed, thus eliminating one way to fight against the carbon dioxide in the air.

One of the people interviewed at the end was Greta Thunberg, the young girl who has been such a strong voice for young and old about how we need to get up and do something to fix the climate change problem. She is amazing and I hope she continues on throughout her young life protesting and encouraging young and old all over the world to change our ways and to save our planet.

One of the things that struck me as such an innovative way to help reduce the carbon in the air where the air turbines – located in a sea near England. Not only using air but also water to create energy – why are all the countries in the world not doing this? More air turbines can only help – NOT hurt – our environment.

I am one of the generations that are to blame for the environmental condition we are in now. I know we need to change and I want to change. I want this world to become healthier, and to be a safe place for my grandchildren to grow up in. I really believe that we can do this, and I know we have to!

The coronavirus has been devastating, but at the same time, there have been some good things to come out of it. Being on lock-down, or self-isolation, is keeping us from producing unhealthy carbon in the air. Let’s hope that we can continue this way after the lock-downs are lifted.

So on this day – Earth Day 2020 – the 50 year anniversary of Earth Day – let’s all pledge to do one small thing each day to help our planet earth become a healthier place to live.

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