Daily Thought May 27

When you wake up, what is your first thought? Is it – wow I’m so grateful to wake up and I know today is going to be a great day!? Or is it – ugh another day I have to go to work/do something I don’t like. Of course, every day I am sure we have things we don’t want to do or dread doing them (I can name about 5 of mine right off the top of my head) – but I know that there are many other things that I get to do that I enjoy – blogging is one of my favourite things and even if it’s just my Daily Thought, it makes me feel good that I get up and get to do that. I always look at the positive things, and today is no different. So remember, there is always something that can make you appreciate your day – even if it’s just a coffee and a smile from someone you love. Have a great day!

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