Dealing with dementia

This is a difficult time for everyone – the pandemic has brought about so many trials and tribulations for people all over the world. It’s a stressful time, even for the most positive people.

My father has dementia. When I was working full time, I knew he had it but it seemed like it was quite mild – I was concerned as any daughter would be but I felt that it wasn’t too bad so it was easier to deal with. However, since I have now been home for 2 months, I realize that it is not just a mild case.

It’s difficult to see my father’s dementia come on so quickly. It’s stressful for me, and even more so for my mother. She is doing as much as she can, and I am doing whatever I can to help her so that she can help him. Whatever I can do to make it easier for her I will do.

However, I am going back to work this coming Monday. I need to get myself back to work for my own well-being. And I will still be here every morning and will be home at the time he tends to go to bed. I am staying positive – there hopefully will be more help soon for them. In the meantime, I am doing what I can to help.

It’s hard to see our parents age, and it’s even harder to see them age during difficult times and with dementia. I know I am strong enough to help and to work, and I will continue to do that – but there are times I need just to step away even for a couple of hours.

So during these times, if you have the ability to do so, go and see your parents (even if through a window and wave to them) just to let them know there are people out there thinking of them and loving them. It’s all any of us can do during this time. Have a good night everyone. And be safe.

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