Summertime 2020

This year has been different indeed – for everyone in the world! It’s been a time of tension, of stress, of getting back to spending time with family, and to reliving our summers of the past – time spent with family going camping, or just spending time with each other.

While we can look at 2020 and think negatively of it, we can also remember the good times we had, the quiet times of just enjoying the quiet, and embracing time spent alone, perhaps thinking of a new future or new journey you’re on. Today was one of those days for me – some time alone by the Hamilton waterfront, enjoying a coffee and watching the waves crash, the sun shining down on me – it was very hard to find anything wrong with the world today.

Whatever you think of, try to remember the times that brought some extra joy to you this year. It’s definitely one to go down in the history books! Not all history has to be remembered as bad though.

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