Daily Thought – August 26

“Tolerance – the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.”

Tolerance is something I strive for in my daily life. I have tolerated a lot in my life, made me stronger. But perhaps tolerance needs to be used more during these pandemic times. Tolerance is something we all need to use daily.

I just spent the last hour on Twitter, reading comments about the RNC convention from last night, in particular Melania Trump’s speech. I listened to it for a bit and, while I am definitely not a fan of her’s (to say the least!), people are incredibly cruel and intolerant of her accent. There were many people criticizing her – saying she should speak English more clearly. She can speak 5 languages, as many people do in Europe. Europeans, especially those that grew up in Eastern Bloc countries, were required to learn many languages. And I know this from the many students I taught in the Czech Republic – they confirmed this to me. I would love to speak 2 languages fluently – 5 is incredible in my eyes!

So, sure, disagree with and criticize the many things she does or does not do, but do not criticize Melania Trump for not speaking English well enough. I am sure many of those critical on that issue don’t speak that many languages.

The world needs to improve on so many levels with tolerance of each other – let’s all try to improve ourselves and teach our kids to be more tolerant.

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