Finding joy and love in our life

I went on a morning walk on this beautiful Sunday and I decided to walk through the park which is basically my backyard. I did a couple of laps and then went up the hill to the most spectacular cemetery.

I like wandering through cemeteries and reading the headstones – some are very interesting.

But today, as I wandered peacefully through the tombstones, a wondrous feeling came over me. A feeling of contentment, a feeling of joy. It seems strange to write that I had a feeling of joy while looking at tombstones but I did.

I am not the most religious person in the world, but I do believe there are spirits all around us. And today, those spirits were with me, leading me through the cemetery, showing me that life is so short and that while death may bring sadness to their families and friends, that these people found some joy in their lives while they were on this earth. Rather than feeling sad, I felt happiness that these people had so many that loved them, that they wanted to share with all their lives by putting up the tombstones, and showing their love.

I believe that we should all celebrate the time we have here, to see the joy in the world, to listen – really listen – to everyone, to love with all our hearts and to just find contentment in this world. We are not here long, so we should take the time to truly enjoy this life, this world, and listen, and embrace the world. Time is all we have, so let’s make the most of every minute.

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