Daily Thought – September 11

This day will always be remembered as 9-11, to everyone around the world.

Nineteen years ago, we were all set back by the act of terror that had happened. Since then, I don’t really think we have learned much from this tragedy.

There are many people who live in fear every day, whether it is in the Middle East with the constant bombings that we hear about, to Americans who live in fear every day that they will be shot and killed by a fellow American (and yes Black Lives DO matter!), to the people of Chile who just had a devastating earthquake that have affected them.

I believe today should be set as a World Holiday – to not only remember the tragedy of 9-11 in America, but also to remember ALL of the tragedies that have besot this world, before that day and since that day. It’s a day that should be set aside for us to mourn together, to remember together and perhaps to get together and figure out a way to make mankind be kind to man.

I remember where I was this day – do you?

Photo by Lars Mulder on Pexels.com

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