Music soothes me…

I have two laptops – one is for work (blogging, Tupperware business) and keeping in touch with family and friends. The other one is for playing games on, watching movies and, when I think of it, listening to music.

I tend to forget that I can listen to music too. I like to relax at night and I know that music just makes me feel so relaxed and so good. I love singing along, even though I KNOW I can’t sing!

I love listening to almost any kind of music – soft rock, pop, country (which is my favourite), jazz, blues, 60s and 70s – I love a variety of music. Tonight I am listening to country music – it’s fun, it’s danceable (and yup I dance to it too! – curtains are closed though haha), and sometimes it just gets you. It just resonates with the feelings and moods you’re in that day.

So tonight, I’m relaxing to some Keith, Alan, Paul and many many others. What is your favourite way to relax? Do you listen to music? Do you go for a walk? There are so many ways we can relax. Pick your favourite, grab a drink of your choice, and enjoy your evening. Cheers!

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