Daily Thought – September 14

This past weekend has been a weekend of emotions, and of questions, and of great mood swings. Questions popped in my mind of many things, doubts resonated throughout my mind, and just a general unease this weekend.

My emotional well being took a toll and while I always strive to be positive, by Sunday morning I was on a losing battle with the positivity. My saving grace – my daughter – surprised me at dinner time with a visit with her and my grandson – some much needed love and cuddling were just what this grandma needed. It’s amazing how holding a baby can make every other thing in your mind just disappear. Just what I needed to end my stress filled weekend.

So my daily thought for today – and for every day – is remember – YOUR health and well being should always take precedent over anyone else’s, because if you are not healthy both physically and mentally, you cannot possibly help anyone else. And remember – treating people the way you want to be treated – a golden rule and one that is most often forgotten by so many of us – will reap more awards and benefits for both you and the other person.

Much love to all on this beautiful Monday.

Photo by ATC Comm Photo on Pexels.com

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