To be presidential….

In less than a month, the US will be voting on what can only be described as one of the most important elections in the history of the US. So it got me thinking – first of all I am VERY glad to be Canadian! But second, this election affects the entire world – not just Americans. The perception that the US is the world’s best country is fading. I have a lot of friends that are Americans, and I feel for them this election season. It is a difficult time to be an American.

I can recall many presidents – my earliest recollection of an American President is Gerald Ford, but I was quite young and really just remember him on TV. Jimmy Carter seemed too innocent to be a president, but this man has become a powerhouse for Habitat for Humanity. He has done much greater things since being president – he is someone I truly admire.

Then there was the actor – Ronald Reagan. I am not a conservative and didn’t agree with a lot of things he did, but when he stood there with Nancy, watching the Challenger explode, my heart went out to them and I cried with them at the horror that so many people witnessed.

George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr. and Barack Obama – they all had highs and lows during their presidencies, but they showed that they were men with integrity (okay, so Clinton is a question mark on that), and they showed emotions. They showed the world what they stood for, and that during times of great tragedies (Oklahoma bombing, 9/11, Sandy Hook are examples at the top of my head) we could look up to these men and we knew that they would show us emotions and temperaments that a president should show. They were men that were strong and were able to work with other countries and were people that young adults wanted to aspire to meet and be. Simpler times really.

In less than a month, Americans will be voting between two men – septuagenarians – who may in all likelihood not make it through their term of presidency. One a bully – who is crass, inane, who can’t seem to put a coherent sentence together and who most definitely does not show the integrity that the presidents in the past have shown during times of trouble. Then there is the former Vice President, who, as much as I liked him during the Obama years, just doesn’t have the pep and vigor someone needs to be a president. The lesser of two evils perhaps is a better way of saying it. I do believe, though, that Joe Biden at least has the emotional intelligence to step up and show remorse when tragic events happen.

In my opinion, and this is strictly my opinion, Trump will win again, cheating the way he did the first election. The world will have to endure another four years of his bullying, his crassness and his ineptitude when it comes with uniting the great country that is America. Will he leave if he loses – I don’t think so. Only time will tell.

My country is far from perfect I know that. No country is perfect (except maybe New Zealand – I must get there one day!). I will continue to watch the coverage and pray that the right thing happens in November. No more bullying. We are trying to teach children that it is NOT okay to be a bully, and yet a bully sits in the most important position in America. It’s sad. It’s time to fix it. Good luck America!

4 thoughts on “To be presidential….

  1. Corkywk

    Very well stated! I think your right when it comes to this American election. Simply a choice between the two lesser evils. One, Satan himself and the other looks like he might croak before he even takes power? And America so needs a young and up-to-date leader this time around. Yet Sleepy Joe Biden or dumbed-down Donald are their choices! Yep, you said It! We’re not perfect, but as a proud Canadian — I sure wouldn’t want to be in their shoes this time around! Take care now! Be well!

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