A puddle stomping day!

Today is a stay in bed and read a book day, make some homemade soup (Potato Leek soup is simmering away as I type this!) and just be comfy. Unfortunately, I have to work this afternoon. But I will have nice hot soup waiting for me when I get home!

When my kids were little, my favourite thing was to get them dressed in rain boots and rain coats and head off down the path near our house to go puddle stomping! The bigger the puddle the better the splash! And then we’d come home, get all nice and dry, have some hot chocolate and we’d either watch some TV or I’d read to them. Which was another favourite thing to do with them when they were little.

Photo by JACK REDGATE on Pexels.com

My favourite books to read them were Hop on Pop, Love you Forever and Green Eggs and Ham. They loved having me read Love you Forever because they thought it was funny that I cried at the end every single time. Love my kids haha!

Love You Forever: Munsch, Robert, McGraw, Sheila: 9780228101048: Books -  Amazon.ca

One day soon, I will cuddle up with my grandson and read him this book, take him puddle stomping, and cherish every minute I get to spend with him.

What was your favourite thing to do with your kids?

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