Sciatica pain is real

I have known a few people in my lifetime that have had sciatica pain and I have seen them suffer through it. I never knew what it was and thought I never want to because they look like they are in a lot of pain!

Well unfortunately, I have now (and am at the moment) experiencing it myself. It hit me like a ton of bricks late last week and the pain continues today. Saturday was not too bad of a day so I was able to get a visit in with my grandson. But mobility is an issue with this. I had no idea what kind of pain it caused.

I will persevere through this – from what I’ve read it lasts for a week or two and then lets up (let’s hope so!), and I am doing stretches and taking medication at night to help.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to alleviate the pain please feel free to comment below !! Any suggestions would help!!

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