The scariest day of the year….

Halloween is here! While it may not be the usual Halloween we are used to – perhaps where you are kids are not going out tonight trick or treating. Perhaps they are. Maybe there are families getting together to have little outdoor parties. Whatever way you celebrate – have fun and stay safe!

But there are scarier things about today we should be aware of. Tonight is the first Full Moon/Blue Moon on Halloween since 1944. AND it is also, for some of us, the night that daylight savings time ends. Daylight savings time began on March 8 this year, at the beginning of the scariness of Covid-19. This year has pretty much been a year of scary Halloweens all around! It has been a tumultuous year, and it is not over yet.

The American election happens on Tuesday, and no matter who wins that night, from then until inauguration day in 2021, America is in for 75 days of a lot of social unrest. Let’s hope so many of us who are saying that are wrong. I pray that I am.

In the meantime, let’s look forward to tonight. The excitement, the chocolate!, the costumes that we may see all around us. Let’s make this a night to celebrate the Blue Moon and everything Halloween.

Happy Halloween everyone!

china halloween 2a

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