Thinking back to four years ago…

Four years ago, I was in China, teaching over 800 kids every single week. Enjoying the freedom of my life, travelling, seeing the world, introducing myself to so many new experiences

But at the same time, four years ago, Trump was elected as President of America. I was journalling daily back then, and today I was reading back in my journal, and I came across what I wrote just after he was elected. I thought it was appropriate to share it here, the eve of the election. It relates today just as it did four years ago. This was written by me on November 11, 2016.

“Remembrance Day is a day to remember our fallen soldiers, and to remember the wars, and, in my opinion, to make sure that war doesn’t happen.

Unfortunately, this week has been a scary and tumultuous time in America. Donald Trump became president. His misogynist, homophobic attitude will be present to the world for the next four years. I would honestly not be surprised if there was an assassination attempt before he takes office.

People are very angry – and violence and rioting are happening everywhere in the States. While my American friends are not part of that, I am saddened and dismayed to see their reactions. Many of them are Republicans, and I have had to unfollow them on Facebook because of the racial comments. And my Democratic friends are very angry and it’s very disheartening to see the anger that has consumed them.

I am not naive enough to believe that peace and love can solve everything and, yes, Trump has said some very scary things BUT our time on this Earth is so short and we don’t know how long we are destined to be here- so yes, protest and speak up – but also live your life without being so consumed by anger that you forget to see just how beautiful life and our world is.

‘ A note to my American friends – both Democrats and Republicans

I have never denied my political side – I am a Socialist. And I wanted Bernie Sanders to be the candidate. He wasn’t – I get it. I’m not American and can’t/couldn’t vote, but I would have voted for Clinton in this election.

That being said – yes Trump scares me, and scares the world. BUT, my dear friends, life is so very short, and I understand where the anger is coming from, but please don’t be consumed with the anger and fear you feel that you forget to live. Protest – speak out – but also live your life.

Not all Republicans are like Donald Trump. Not all Democrats are like Hillary Clinton. There are very good people out there who are on both sides. Do you want to teach your children/grandchildren to hate? Of course you don’t. Do you want to show them contempt for others who aren’t like them? I don’t believe you do. So please stop the riots, and the violence, and the hate. For your children. For your grandchilden.”

Get out and vote. Remember to try to be respectful to your neighbours despite who they support. Respect the results. Be the better person. The world is watching.

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