Black Friday and Covid-19

Being a Canadian, I have never really understood the fascination of Black Friday. Getting up at 4am to go shopping with mobs of people who have not properly caffeinated themselves and who all want the same thing. Fights, guns, and violence to buy a TV? Really? I don’t get it at all!

But now in the face of a pandemic, what will Black Friday look like this year? Will people be sensible and “smart” and stay home and instead shop online? Or perhaps, if they are not all on lockdown, instead of shopping at the big box stores, they could shop at a local shop to buy unique gifts this year? Homemade gifts are so much more personal. Perhaps take up a craft – there are so many YouTube videos out there to learn new things with. Bake a dozen cookies for each of your family members. Or perhaps prepare a meal for them to have over the holiday. Spending money is not necessary to make it a happy holiday.

And also remember – giving is supposed to make you feel good. So do something that not only makes THEM feel good, but also that makes YOU feel good. Spending a lot of money is not necessary to make ourselves feel good.

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova on

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