Tales of a grocery store clerk – part 7

Christmas shopping has begun! People are lining up again here in Ontario to get their shopping done. And we cashiers are working as quickly as we possibly can, so please be patient!

At the store I work at, we have a donation bin, as well as donation bags pre-made that you can purchase and add to the bin. People have been so incredibly generous so far this year and it makes my heart warm knowing that there are going to be people getting donations for Christmas.

But then, there are those who just cannot see the good in anything. I had a customer who complained quite loudly to me that this year is not the year to be asking for donations. Too much has happened with Covid-19 that we should be thinking of ourselves rather than others. I politely kept my mouth shut, all the while thinking that no this is the EXACT time to be thinking of others who are less fortunate than we are. I have never had to use a food bank or get donations even when I was a struggling single mother of teenagers but I always knew they were out there if I needed them. I think the true spirit of Christmas is giving to those less fortunate than ourselves. I am pretty sure that’s what Christmas is all about.

I also had an incident with a customer who angrily tossed a box back at me (it was empty and did not hit me) but she was annoyed that it took me so long to get an answer on the price. Sorry, but again, I do my best to go as quickly as possible without messing up! Some people….

Anyway – I hope you are all well and enjoying the decorations going up around the world. We may be going through the holidays during a pandemic but that doesn’t mean we can’t still feel the joy of the season.

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