Police in America

I love watching John Oliver – his show Last Week Tonight has won numerous Emmy awards, and he is so passionate about whatever the week’s topic is it’s awesome. He is funny, sincere, emotional and very informative.

I have been binge watching his show for the past three nights to catch up on them, and tonight’s show just hit me in the gut, as it obviously did for him as well.

It is a long YouTube video, so if you don’t want to watch all of it, I understand. But it is such an important video, and especially for the last three minutes of it. I had tears and I have a more clear understanding of what black people have gone through, are going through, and will continue to go through until something changes. I am putting a warning out now though – there is a lot of swearing in this. But oh so powerful. And if you don’t react strongly to this woman’s words, then I don’t know what to say. Because she is passionate, and honest, and angry. Rightfully so too.

2 thoughts on “Police in America

  1. salsaworldtraveler

    This looks like an excellent program. I watched portions of it. It should be no surprise that the police in America have always been and continue to be the primary instrument of enforcing racial and social oppression. A Black person sits at a white’s only lunch counter – who you gonna call? Too many who join the police are attracted by the role of keeping Blacks in line. Being granted the power by the state to kill and not just getting away with it but being praised for it is kind of a dream come true for some of them.

    The reality presented in this program is obvious to any objective observer. White Americans as a group just aren’t objective. They are the founders and supporters of perhaps the most brainwashed society in history. The Soviet Union wasn’t even close.

    Americans are taught from birth that this country has always been the land of equality and liberty and justice for all. Skin color, gender, and national origin play no role. Differences in treatment and outcomes must stem from factors other than inherently discriminatory practices by those in power. Anything that varies from that narrative (like the concept of systemic racism) is literally impossible for brainwashed Americans to comprehend. Severely flawed Donald Trump is perfect for people who have been conditioned to ignore reality.

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