Covid 19 and depression

I understand that people are stressed from the pandemic. I get it that it’s a stressful situation for everyone and even more so for those with depression or other mental health issues.

But I wonder – if the media decided to devote maybe three days a week to discuss the pandemic (unless there is something urgent to inform us all about), would that not maybe decrease some of the stress? We all know it’s out there because we see it every day. Is it necessary to be fear mongering everyone?

I know it’s serious and I am not meaning to downplay the importance of the news. I am just getting tired of seeing articles about how depressing this Christmas season will be, and how sad it will be without visiting family. We all know that so please we don’t need reminders of that.

Let’s all believe that there is hope out there and that all these vaccines will be what we all need to heal from this pandemic.

I believe in hope and joy for the season. I will not let the news bring me down!

2 thoughts on “Covid 19 and depression

  1. beyondthemilestravelblog

    I had to delete all the news stations that I follow on social media, it was too depressing seeing the multiple negative posts about covid and then reading people’s comments was even worse. Our 24 news access has definitely been somewhat of a negative aspect to our emotional well being during this pandemic.

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