Racism – alive and well with seniors

I live in a village which is part of Hamilton. Hamilton is a very diverse city, while where I am currently living is what I would refer to as an older elitist society. There are more families that are moving here but definitely the senior population is higher.

With that being said, tonight at work I experienced racism at its fullest. I’m not sure who I am angrier at but I am definitely angry.

Two young gentlemen were in the store and unbeknownst to me had been causing some trouble in the produce area. I didn’t know anything about it and they came to my register to cash out. They were friendly with me and we joked a bit. The only concern I had was that their masks were not covering their noses but after being yelled at by customers I no longer say anything.

After they finished they were approached by senior employees and were told to fix the masks and other things were being discussed heatedly. I went back to serving the next customer – an older woman – who proceeded to berate these young men because of their colour. She chose to tell me that these people of colour cause more harm than good.

I was flabbergasted and disgusted that she was speaking this way. Disheartened by this and angry. According to her they are the problem in this world now.

I cannot see me living here for very long – not with this sort of mindset around me. I try to be as friendly and gracious to all but people like this woman was make me want to scream.

Be kind to everyone. Love your neighbor. And believe that there is good in everyone. I try to do these things every day, even those days I want to scream

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