Tales of a grocery store clerk

Christmas season has come and the busy season at the store is here. The pandemic and not knowing if we will go on lockdown or not has panicked people into stock piling once again.

Complaints of low toilet paper and paper towels, the inability for people to wear their masks properly and the general chaoticness of the season is exhausting me.

I started today at 2.30 and in a blink of an eye it was 4. It flew by because the lines never stopped. I like when my shifts go fast but we need to breathe in between. Whew!

We are now screening anyone who comes in the store. People seem okay with it but I am sure they are cursing under their breath after they leave.

Generally it’s been okay. I miss my desk job some days. Or even teaching where I was moving all the time. But I have a job and a place to live so I am content.

Have a wonderful week!

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