Christmas shopping in 2020

I never knew Christmas shopping could be so easy!

I do not buy many gifts for Christmas and so this year, I contemplated on what would be easiest for everyone. For shopping for me, and for getting something for the people I buy for. My daughter suggested gift cards and I though sure that’s a great idea!

Little did I know that I could buy all of the gift cards I was looking for at my local convenience store. In a matter of 5 minutes, my shopping was done. And I didn’t have to fight a crowd in the mall, or worry about the gift arriving on time through the mail. So simple!!

I suspect this year Christmas sales numbers will be lower than the past few years. I could be wrong but I think with everyone isolating (or should be!) and only small groups allowed, the spending may curtail a bit.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Christmas became more for spending time with those we love, rather than what we buy each other? I personally would rather just spend the day together with loved ones, sharing our time, rather than spending outrageous amounts of money to show my love for them.

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