Being appreciated makes for a better work environment

Holy crap what a day!!! So busy!!! And I know the next two weeks are going to be busier and busier. My shifts are going fast BUT I have a few tips for any of you out there who are venturing out to a grocery store.

First, If the cashier is cleaning the belt, please wait until she/he tells you it’s okay to put your stuff on it. It seriously only takes us a few seconds to clean the belt. If you are in such a hurry that you cannot wait a few seconds, maybe get someone else to do your shopping for you!

Second, if the cashier asks that you stand back because someone is still cashing out, please just do it. Don’t crowd that person while they are paying. And this is not just for Covid times – it’s rude to get into someone else’s space no matter where you are. Step back and be polite about it.

Last, we are all stressed. We are all doing the best we can during these times. We can tell if you’re smiling behind your masks, and a polite word to us is always appreciated. Don’t be rude, or snap at us – we are simply doing our job to make sure everyone is fed. And for all of those people out there who come in and thank us for being there and working to make sure they can get food, THANK YOU! I love when I hear the customers say thank you for being there – I feel so much better and more appreciated for that.

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