Never have I ever….

Okay so that can be the beginning of a pretty raunchy game, or an actual question. I have played that game and well a lot was admitted that I never really thought I’d admit to.

Anyway…. never have I ever processed a grocery bill over $1,000. Never have I ever seen anyone buy something worth that much – anywhere that I’ve worked in retail. The most amazing thing about today – is that it was over $1,500 worth of lamb!!! Three men came through my cash and purchased this crazy amount of lamb to be rationed out between a whole bunch of families.

I was amazed, and truly enthralled by the vast amount that was sitting in their grocery carts. Seriously – I really wanted to know just how many families are splitting all of this!

The weirdest part of the whole bill though was the fact that they bought about 10 heads of broccoli. Why??? Does it go with lamb? Or did they want to cook the broccoli tonight? Were they making soup with that much? What was going on with the broccoli? Is there a secret to cooking broccoli with lamb? Or was the broccoli a bonus to the families that were splitting the lamb? Was it like a Christmas gift to them??

Anyway – a very interesting day at work to say the least!!

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