Daily Thought – December 20

Today, I am sad. Sad for a dear friend and her family. Sad for the death of a baby who had barely had a chance to start living. Sad that I am thousands of miles away and can only offer words for comfort.

Life is not easy. None of us can pretend that it is. There are obstacles and fears and so many other things that make it hard for us some days to get through it all. Today I cannot even fathom what my friend and her daughter and their family are going through. The overwhelming grief and sadness that they are going through today.

So today, I ask all of you to say a little prayer. To take the time to reach out to someone who may be grieving or even just having a rough day for whatever reason and show them that you are there for them. Even if it’s just a phone call to say hello and that I care about you.

The world has another angel today – a little girl who will look down on her family and know that she was loved by them and that her love for them will always be with them. My heart is broken for them today.

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