Tales of a grocery store clerk

Christmas + lockdown + crazy customers = AUUUUGGGHHHHH!!!!

Today was an insanely busy day at the store. My throat is sore after each shift from repeating myself so many times – soooo many times. I worked five hours today and the only time there were no customers was when I was upstairs on my break!!

And seriously – so many customers just choose to ignore the rules of the store. Stay 2 metres apart. Wear a mask (it is MANDATORY here!). And look at the sign at the till – it clearly states to wait until the cashier tells you to move forward.

I really don’t know how much clearer we have to make it. And then to give us attitude when we tell them that we need to clean the belt before they place their groceries on it. My God it takes us 30 seconds – just wait!!!! Argh.

Today, I was frustrated by a few of them doing this, so I started spraying our disinfectant within inches of their groceries, and not putting the belt on so they could add more. No. No no no. We need to clean to make it safer for YOU. If you are not going to follow the rules, then you need to deal with us being testy at YOU. Do we want to be cleaning like we have to, having our hands so dry from the chemicals that no amount of moisturizer will make them soft again? No we really don’t. Do we enjoy talking to you through a plastic screen to protect both of us? Not really – it’s difficult to hear you and we know it’s difficult for you to hear us. Again, please be patient! We have these measures to keep us both safe.

I have two more days of working then off for Christmas Day – and back to it on Boxing Day. I can do it – I know I can. I just need to mentally prepare for it tonight. That or play some fun songs on my way to work so I’m in a good mood when I get there!

Anyway – please be kind to your grocery store workers. We are doing the best we can!

Till next week….

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