Epicure, Instapot and a healthier 2021!

A couple of months ago, I became a consultant for Epicure, which is a Canadian-founded company that sells spices, seasonings, cookware, and a host of other things! It is much healthier, is all natural and has no preservatives and tastes delicious!

It also comes with tasty recipes that can be made with a variety of the spices.

When I signed up with Epicure, it came with different items to try or to use as host gifts. One of the things I got was a Microsteamer which I have decided to keep for myself. I live in a very small bachelor apartment and it is the perfect way for me to make healthy meals.

I have been trying to lose weight for the past year and a half to no avail, and I am hoping that with the gift of an Instapot (from my son and his girlfriend), and combined with the healthiness of Epicure, this can be accomplished sooner rather than later!

Are you trying to be healthier in 2021? What, if any, ideas do you have that you can share?

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