Tales of a grocery store clerk – part ?

Honestly I’ve lost count on how many I’ve done of these haha!

Today was an interesting day here in Ontario. First, I had an early shift (early for me anyway) – 9.30am. I like to sleep in and that time does not allow me to sleep in! But I woke up in a good mood, and made my way to work with a positive mind and positive energy flowing through me.

It was slow at the beginning, just a few of the elderly people who live across the road in the retirement community coming in. They are always so sweet and friendly and I love working when they are all in. They are also very gracious and happy that we take the time to help them with their bags and loading their carts up. It is always a pleasure to help them because I know they appreciate it.

But about an hour into my shift, it started getting busier. And when it gets busier, people get more testy, and impatient. And I don’t mean just the customers. We cashiers get testy and irritable too. I always smile under my mask, though, even when I don’t feel like smiling. One customer told me (and she comes to me quite often) that she can always tell when I’m smiling because it shows in the rest of my face and especially my eyes. What a nice compliment! *Side note – I have been complimented all my life on my eyes and how expressive they are – I used to hate it but now I love the compliments I get.*

Anyway – today we had an “incident” between a customer and a cashier. One of our rules that we try to stick to no matter how busy it is, is that when you are in line, you are to wait until the person in front of you is done and the cashier says it’s okay to come up and unload your buggy. I am not 100% sure what happened today but there was a verbal altercation (okay there was a lot of yelling between the two of them). I am sure the customer will be complaining about this. I took a deep breath and continued on with my customer I was serving. He did not look impressed with either the customer or the other cashier and made a comment to the likes of “we all need to be patient and perhaps a bit more compassionate and speak nicer to each other – and I mean both sides”. And I agree. If I snap at a customer, of course they will snap back at me. We need to watch the tone of our voices with each other and try to keep each other calm during these unsettling times.

On top of this, our province has declared a second state of emergency and essentially we are on lockdown once again, with only essential services and essential travel allowed. It is about time in my opinion, but I will save that for another blog.

In the meantime, please stay safe everyone, be kind to each other, be compassionate, and also, remember to speak in a civil tone to one another. There is no need to antagonize each other.

Till next week…

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