Saturday’s Six

I am going to try something new – a weekly Top Six list. Each Saturday will be a different theme – so here I go! My first list will be – my Six sites to see in Prague. And these will not be the usual ones like the Castle or Charles Bridge – those are the obvious choices. I am going to tell you about off the beaten path places to visit.

  1. Divoka Sarka – this is a huge park/conservation area in the northwest area of Prague, close to the airport. You can easily access it by tram. It is just down a hill beside the McDonald’s. There is a swimming pool, miles and miles of trails to follow, you can bike in there, or just simply walk and admire the beauty of the park and the stillness. Even when there are a lot of people, there is still a sense of stillness and quietness. It was my favourite place to go and unwind, to wander through, climb up some hills, and just seek solace.
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2. Vysehrad

This is the other castle in Prague, and while tourists do manage to find their way there, it is not their top spot to go to. It’s a beautiful castle, amazing castle grounds to wander through, there is a beer garden in the summer where you can sit and enjoy a beer and a sausage, and the views are incredible.

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3. Zizkov

This was where my first apartment was located when I finished TEFL Worldwide. This is an eclectic area with many pubs and restaurants, the vibe is so cool here, and it is easy access to the city centre by bus (about 10 minutes), or walking (about 25 minutes). I loved this area when I was there and there was always so much to discover and explore!

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4. Streleckeho Ostrova

This is a beautiful little island/park situated in the middle of the Vltava River, separating Old Town and New Town. People will come here with their families, there is a park to play in, you can have a picnic, you can gaze at the Castle and again just relax and enjoy the day.

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5. Malostranska

This is an area a lot of people will get off at and walk up the many stairs to the castle. It is also an area where there are a lot of government buildings. It’s an easy walk across the bridge to see Rudolfinum and to view the Castle at a different angle. I used to like to get off here and wander down the streets, and head to Charles Bridge.

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6. Letna Park

I have talked about Letna Park before, in fact more than once I am sure! I lived about 20 minutes away by foot and I loved this park! It was big, spacious, with incredible views of the bridges and Prague, and the beer garden of course (not sure if anyone has noticed but there seems to be a constant reference to beer gardens…. ). But the view was what I always went there for. To sit and look at this view – how could it not be one of my favourite places to go to in Prague?

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Stay tuned for a new list every Saturday!

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