Tales of a grocery store clerk

2021 has been crazy and it’s only January 26! I swear each day is busier than the previous one.

People in Southwestern Ontario always seem to panic when the weatherman says SNOW. We live in Canada – surely people would remember winters of the past where there would be snow on the ground and it would be a bit icy some days. Nope, people seem to forget every year!

This has impacted the grocery store. Each day, people come in and say well we need to stock up because there is a storm coming! As of today, we have no snow on the ground here. In other parts of Ontario there is snow but not here. Yet every day there are people coming in saying oh it’s coming! Okay, so stock up and just stop saying that.

I was pleasantly surprised, and inspired, by a customer yesterday. She was a lovely elderly lady who had no problem with wearing the mask, and spoke nice and clearly and loud enough to hear. I could just tell she was full of vim and vigor in her younger years and still to this day. As I was helping her pack up her groceries, we were chatting and I asked her if she was walking so that I could make sure the bags were evenly heavy. She said oh no dear, I still drive. I am 93 and going strong! This woman looked maybe 75 – I was so shocked at the strength of this woman, and the vitality that she was showing – and so amazed that she was 93, getting her own groceries, driving a car and had so much life in her. True life aspirations!!

I always enjoy talking with the people – it’s such a treat to go to work and know that there are going to be mostly friendly lovely people to say hello to that come through my till. It’s not to say that I don’t get annoyed with some of them but for the most part, they are all lovely people who come in.

On that note, let’s all aspire to be as youthful and strong as the lady from yesterday. I know I will be! Till next week…cheers!


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