Judging without knowledge

I have a granddaughter who I suspect doesn’t know who I am. She’s 7 (almost 8) and I only met her once when she was 4 months old. Circumstances prevailed and I am not part of her life, which I have come to accept.

However, recently over the past few months, I discovered that she has her own YouTube channel. She puts up videos showing tricks and harmless things – but she is only 7.

I do not know why she is allowed to have a YouTube channel of her own, and why it disturbs me so much. I guess as a grandparent and as someone who has seen how children are exploited on the internet it worries me. She doesn’t know who could be watching the videos, perhaps a predator? I have no knowledge at all of whether her mother or her other grandparents are aware of what she is doing. Perhaps they do and they are okay with it. I just don’t have that knowledge. But I judge them. And I shouldn’t.

I have also discovered that I judge more than I realize I do. I have become acutely aware of this over the past couple of weeks. At work, at home, outdoors. I am judging people more and more and I do not like that about myself. I don’t want to be that judgmental person. I wonder if it’s because of the pandemic, and it’s bringing out a side of me that perhaps was always there and it is just now coming to the surface because of the circumstances.

I am telling myself TODAY to stop judging. Stop making assumptions without any knowledge of the situation. I just need to stop. It is none of my business what others do. I only need to worry about me. As it should be with all of us.

Judging doesn’t get us anywhere. It just creates more friction than is necessary.

Have a great – NON-JUDGMENTAL – day everyone!

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