Daily Thought – February 16

Late night thoughts – do you ever wake up, or have trouble falling asleep, because something got into your mind before you went to bed, and you mulled it over for hours?

This happened to met last night. The thought of my mother living on her own, with my dad in the hospital, not being able to visit him and not knowing what is coming next or when it might come, haunted my mind. I was thinking maybe I should move back to my hometown and back in with my mom, to help her out and to ease her mind a bit of all the worries she must be having. The thought of going back home is not one I take lightly – I would be further away from my daughter and grandson, and I’d have to give up my job (knowing I could probably find another one, or even maybe go back to my old one there), and the unknown of how long I’d be there for, It kept me awake for at least an hour.

When I woke up this morning feeling rested – the thought is still going through my mind. Perhaps it would be a good idea. But I need to ask my mom what she thinks – I’m sure she will say Oh I’m fine don’t worry about me. But I do worry about her.

So my thought for the day is – if you feel strongly about something being done, then do it with no regrets and no guilt.

I will figure this out and do the right thing for me. I know I will.

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