Tales of a grocery store clerk

With the crazy weekend I had with my daughter, work was put aside for two shifts and time was focused on their well-being. However, I did make it back yesterday for a closing shift, and they are now officially training me to be put into another position! I find this exciting but a tad bit scary as this position has me dealing with money, the counting of the tills essentially at the end of the day.

I’m not sure what will be more confusing for me – learning the counting of the tills and all that entails, or learning the lottery machine. I now understand why, when there is a big lottery draw coming up, why the lines are so long and the time that it takes to get the tickets. It’s not simply pressing a button and the ticket prints out. It is much more complicated and time consuming than that, and if there is a big lottery, the system slows down because of the sales happening. I know I can do it, but it will take lots of practicing to fully understand how to do that part.

I am excited that I’ll be able to interact more with customers, and be able to move around and not just stand still in one place for hours. That’s the worst part about being a cashier -some days the time goes quickly because it’s busy, but you are literally standing in one spot for hours.

So that is my exciting week that I have had – learning new skills and getting more responsibilities at my job. Never a bad thing!!!

Till next week….

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